MIFtek Inc. is an Indiana technology development company focused on next-generation cellular analysis solutions. We work in the micro-fluidic domain by integrating the latest capabilities with new methods for identifying cellular systems and their function. Our goal is to develop next generation diagnostic tools. Miftek has developed some of the most sensitive photon detection devices now available and we have focused on integrating this technology into several new devices. Members of the Miftek team were the first to develop and patent Spectral Flow Cytometry.

NEWS FLASH: Spectral Flow Cytometry published April 30, 2019

May 7, 2020: NSF Award to Miftek Corporation

The National Science Foundation awarded an SBIR Pahse I award to Miftek Corporation entitled  “Single photon imaging by solid-state photon sensor array spectroscopy“. The award for $225,000 will allow Miftek to futher develop their innovative single photon 42 channel sensor array. It is anticipated that this array, the first single photon sensor to arrange such a large number of sensors will revolutionize the sensor array market. Because of the very high speed, and low noise this array will impact markets in several biological instruments such as flow cytometers, high level microscopes, and other photonic based instruments where sensitivity and speed are important features.