Single Photon Technology

We are integrating the latest sensor capabilities with new methods for analysis of cellular systems and their function. Our goal is to develop next generation diagnostic tools. We develop new single photon sensors as well as the high speed (Ghz) electronics required for the fastest sensors.

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Experienced team

MIFtek has a staff of individuals who have decades of experience in the worlds of cytometry and electronics. The combination of strong biology and strong engineering gives MIFtek an opportunity to compete at the leading edge of these technologies. Members of this team were the first to develop Spectral Flow Cytometry

Unique Technology

Over the past 40 years, cellular analysis has been focused on finding cells but the level of analysis is low. What is needed to move to the next generation of cell analysis is the ability to extract complex information from every cell every time.

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NEWS FLASH: Spectral Flow Cytometry published April 30, 2019

Spectral Flow Cytometry published April 30, 2019

NSF Awards SBIR Phase 1 to Miftek- May 7, 2020

The National Science Foundation awarded an SBIR Pahse I award to Miftek Corporation entitled  “Single photon imaging by solid-state photon sensor array spectroscopy“. The award for $225,000 will allow Miftek to futher develop their innovative single photon 42 channel sensor array. It is anticipated that this array, the first single photon sensor to arrange such a large number of sensors will revolutionize the sensor array market. Because of the very high speed, and low noise this array will impact markets in several biological instruments such as flow cytometers, high level microscopes, and other photonic based instruments where sensitivity and speed are important features. - May 7, 2020

Next Generation Sensing

Single Photon Sensing - Low noise, 6 order dynamic range.