Photon Detection System PDS-100

A new SiPM sensor with extraordinary sensitivity and extremely low noise has been developed. Our new sensor technology gives unparalleled performance in single photon detection.

Miftek’s PDS-100 is a wide dynamic range photon counting system with 600ps PE pulse by differential Geiger-mode SiPM. GPS-10 is photon sensor unit integrated with SiPM, thermoelectric cooler and GHz electronics. GPC-10 is an ultra-high speed impulse counter developed for Giga photon counting up to 1.8Gcps with 300ps pulse resolution.  Measured light is collected by fiber coupling lens and guided to sensor by UV fiber. The software CS-001 can control monochromator wavelength with 0.1nm step and gated photon counting with 1ms ~9.999sec. A csv data file can be created or data plot display in real time. Display plot can select several parameters and show linear/logarithmic scale. The csv file can be used for any calculation or calibration method using Excel. PDS-100 has Photon Stream Digital Signal Output for ps time domain analysis.


GPS-10 Performance:

Sensor area 1.0×1.0 mm
PDE 25%
Pulse width 600 ps (Differential-OUT)
Sensitivity 350 kcps/pW at 405nm
Temperature +/- 0.1℃ by PID control
Max. count >500 Mcps
Dark count <500 cps

GPC-10 has following interfaces:

Pulse input SMA 50 ohm
Reference input SMA 50 ohm
Mini-USB Type B
Analog OUT SMA 50 ohm
Trigger IN SMA 50 ohm


Gate mode Single / Repeat / Infinite
Gate source Internal / Ext. Level / Ext. Edge
Analog output Disabled / Count / Square

Constant Setpoints

Threshold typ. 0.055 V, 0.000 ~ 1.000 V
Gate length typ. 1.000 s 0.001 ~ 9.999 s
Hysteresis 0 ~ 60 mV
Wavelength range 200.0 ~ 900.0 nm

Variable Setpoints

Wavelength range 200.0 ~ 900.0 nm
Threshold 0.000 ~ 1.000 V
Hysteresis 0 ~ 60 mV
Gate length 0.001 ~ 9.999 s
Power consumption 6 W max